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Parent Council

The Parental Involvement Act made changes to the arrangements for parental representation in all schools. Since August 2007 Parent Councils are the representative body for parents.

What is a Parent Council?

The aim of the Parent Council Legislation is for the Parent Council to be very parent friendly – it’s a great opportunity to become more involved!

The role of the Parent Council will be to:

  • Support the school in its work with pupils
  • Represent the views of all parents
  • Encourage links between the school, parents, pupils, pre-school groups and the wider community
  • Report back to the Parent Forum.

     Our school’s new Parent Council is recognized by law and as a result will have a strong voice. The school and the local authority must listen to what the Parent Council says and give it a proper response. Every school’s Parent Council will different because it will be parents that decide things.